• Our company produces high quality clothes and designs all collections based on the newest fashion trends and our experience on the latest fashion shows and exhibitions. Our company’s designing team attends every year the main clothing exhibitions in Europe (Florence, Paris, Cologne, Valencia) and all of them in Greece.
  • Designing of the collections, pattern making and cutting are done by state of art automated technical equipment (CAD/CAM). As far as production activity is concerned, our firm is also responsible for the quality control and the final packaging of the products. Finally, sewing, embroidery and printing are done at our external collaborating firms.
  • Our dedication to high quality made us cooperate with well known companies in order to provide us services and products that are not included in our production process. As a result, the company is in direct cooperation determining the processing specifications and the features of the fabrics used in production. S. Haritidis SA obtains 80 % of its raw materials from Greek knitting companies and the rest of them from well known fabric manufacturers from Italy, France and Spain.


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