• The company was founded in 1959 and was among the first companies producing clothes for newborn,babies and children in Greece. The company owned two retail shops in Thessaloniki and had a large network of customers all over Greece. All cloths were produced in Greece.
  • Since 1989, the company started the export activity and a large amount of production was sent to Europe ( Germany,Austria,Italy,Cyprus,Denmark and Finland).
  • In 1991 the personal company was renamed into LTD and in 2003 it was transformed into an S.A. and more specifically S.HARITIDIS S.A. which remains till today.
  • Today the company produces in Greece and sells in Greece and other Balkan countries both the collection of newborn and children clothes named CHROMA and the collection of children and youth clothes named REFLEX
  • In 2002 S.HARITIDIS S.A. began the import and exclusive distribution of the French brands LONGBOARD for men and women and BABYGRO for babies. This collections included not only children and youth clothes but also many accessories targeted for the market of Greece and Cyprus.
  • Continuing this strategy, S.HARITIDIS S.A. extended its sample book and became one of the most known children clothes provider by becoming the exclusive importer of many more brands such as ΒABYFACE, LCKR, TWINLIFE.
  • In 2010, the famous brand F.S BABY only of baby clothes, from newborn to 24 months, was added to its collection, extending more the variety of its clothes.
  • Finally, in 2012 our company was chosen by the German brand BLUE SEVEN to be the exclusive importer for its cloths in our country.
  • Nowadays, S.HARITIDIS S.A. cooperates and provides its products to about 250 shops all over Greece.