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  • The company was founded in 1959 and was among the first companies producing clothes for newborn,babies and children in Greece. The company owned two retail shops in Thessaloniki and had a large network of customers all over Greece. All cloths were produced in Greece.
  • Since 1989, the company started the export activity and a large amount of production was sent to Europe ( Germany,Austria,Italy,Cyprus,Denmark and Finland).
  • In 1991 the personal company was renamed into LTD and in 2003 it was transformed into an S.A. and more specifically S.HARITIDIS S.A. which remains till today.
  • Today the company produces in Greece and sells in Greece and other Balkan countries both the collection of newborn and children clothes named CHROMA and the collection of children and youth clothes named REFLEX
  • In 2002 S.HARITIDIS S.A. began the import and exclusive distribution of the French brands LONGBOARD for men and women and BABYGRO for babies. This collections included not only children and youth clothes but also many accessories targeted for the market of Greece and Cyprus.
  • Continuing this strategy, S.HARITIDIS S.A. extended its sample book and became one of the most known children clothes provider by becoming the exclusive importer of many more brands such as ΒABYFACE, LCKR, TWINLIFE.
  • In 2010, the famous brand F.S BABY only of baby clothes, from newborn to 24 months, was added to its collection, extending more the variety of its clothes.
  • Finally, in 2012 our company was chosen by the German brand BLUE SEVEN to be the exclusive importer for its cloths in our country.
  • Nowadays, S.HARITIDIS S.A. cooperates and provides its products to about 250 shops all over Greece.


  • The administration of S.HARITIDIS S.A. is controlled by Mr. Sotiris Haritidis who is the President and the CEO of the company and the major shareholder. Mr Sotiris Haritidis is an Economist with a Master in Business Administration MBA (Marketing and International Business) from New York University. Since July 2013 he is a Member of the Board of Hellenic Fashion Industry Association (SEPEE).


To οργανόγραμμα της εταιρείας αναλύεται στο παρακάτω σχεδιάγραμμα.




  • The main plant of the company along with the production unit, are situated in the industrial area of Oreokastro in Thessaloniki at a distance of 300 meters from the main Thessaloniki - Athens highway.
  • The facilities of the company occupy approx. 3.000 m2, which include offices, sampling rooms (400 m2 ) , the production area ( 1.000 m2 ) and the warehouse (1.600 m2 )
  • In production area, there is an installation of a design system ( CAD ) and a cutting clothing system ( CAD / CAM ) and quality control equipment not only for final products but also for raw materials.



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  • Our company produces high quality clothes and designs all collections based on the newest fashion trends and our experience on the latest fashion shows and exhibitions. Our company’s designing team attends every year the main clothing exhibitions in Europe (Florence, Paris, Cologne, Valencia) and all of them in Greece.
  • Designing of the collections, pattern making and cutting are done by state of art automated technical equipment (CAD/CAM). As far as production activity is concerned, our firm is also responsible for the quality control and the final packaging of the products. Finally, sewing, embroidery and printing are done at our external collaborating firms.
  • Our dedication to high quality made us cooperate with well known companies in order to provide us services and products that are not included in our production process. As a result, the company is in direct cooperation determining the processing specifications and the features of the fabrics used in production. S. Haritidis SA obtains 80 % of its raw materials from Greek knitting companies and the rest of them from well known fabric manufacturers from Italy, France and Spain.


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  • S. Haritidis SA company, developed and applies since 2004, a quality management system according to the International Standard ISO 9001 for the production and the trading of clothes. This quality management system was certified by the independent accredited Certification/Verification Body, TUV HELLAS.
  • The company gives great importance to the quality of the clothes that produces. It insists that the fabrics and the raw materials are ecological with quality certificates (OEKOTEX 100, anti-nickel ) free from every matter that can harm the sensitive children body. It also collaborates with certificated quality control laboratories like ETAKEI and Q-TEX.



  • S. HARITIDIS SA company, in 2011 completed the installation of a Solar Plant at the roof of the company’s building with a total power of 200 kWp that produces about 290.000 kWh yearly.
  • Environmentally, 290 tones CO2 less are released yearly because of this project. This is because every kilowatt hour that is produced from the solar plant implies the avoidance of the release of 1 kilo of CO2 to the atmosphere. Moreover 400 acres of forests are needed to absorb this C02.



Because of its feeling of responsibility to the people and the children and especially to the vulnerable social group of people, S. Haritidis SA helps for the confrontation of the social problems, supports humanitarian initiatives and assists the work of recognized social organizations.
Every year S. Haritidis SA strengthens the work of charity institutions:

  • Rehabilitation center for disabled children (Saint Demetrios).
  • Hellenic Society for Disabled Children (ELEPAP)
  • - Cultural Center of Roumeli
  • Orthodox Christian Missionary Brotherhood "THE LIGHT OF CHRIST" (“Fos Christu”)


Συμμετοχή στη έκθεση BRIDELINE στις 1-3/2/2014


Η εταιρεία Σ.ΧΑΡΙΤΙΔΗΣ ΑΒΕΕ συμμετείχε από το Σάββατο 1/2 έως και τη Δευτέρα 3/2/2014 στην έκθεση BRIDELINE:ΔΕΙΓΜΑΤΙΣΜΟΣ ΕΙΔΩΝ ΓΑΜΟΥ & ΒΑΠΤΙΣΗ, που διοργανώθηκε στο Μεσογειακό Εκθεσιακό Κέντρο MEC που βρίσκεται στη Λεωφόρο Αθηνών-Λαυρίου 301 στην Παιανία. Παρουσιάστηκαν τα νέα μας δειγματολόγια από τα brands : Blue Seven, babyface, LCKR, F.S.Baby, Reflex και Chroma. Η BRIDELINE είναι η μοναδική έκθεση στον Κλάδο, που συγκεντρώνει το 95% της προσφοράς και της ζήτησης της αγοράς. 



In November 30th and December the 1st our firm participated with great success for the first time to the 21st MARRIAGE & BAPTISM FASHION AND ACCESSORY EXHIBITION in Thessaloniki, at CAPSIS HOTEL. At the exhibition were displayed our latest newborn and children collections from our brands Babyface, BlueSeven, LCKR , F.S baby, Reflex, Chroma and Twinlife.

Greek Fashion in Israel


S. Haritidis SA participated to the 3rd sampling-exhibition with clothes in Israel, “Greek Fashion in Israel” that was organized in December 10th by Hellenic Fashion Industry Association (SEPEE). The sampling that had become very famous in Israel attracted all the retail chains from Israel a long with very big clothing importers. Our firm had very important contacts and some preliminary agreements and orders that led to a big increase to our sells..